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Artwork for the game box

The Meenakshi Temple board game gives an opportunity for every player to construct magnificent gopurams. They are marvelous gates to the ancient Hindu temple. In Indian culture, these gates sometimes are bigger and much more decorated than the main temple
Of course, we wanted to present their beauty on the artwork of the game box. Our artist, Irina Pechenkina, started her research by creating a 3d model for gopurams to find the best point of view.
Numerous sketches were made and after we found the best view, we started detailing it.
It was the first big box for our game that we wanted to illustrate with very detailed and colorful artwork and try to put less not related text or signs on it.
The key goal was to find the best variant between magnificent real gopurams and statues of the Hindu deities that we were using in the game.
Separate challenge was the logo of the game. Here is our first try of the logo.
We tried different ways to make it in the most Indian style design. But after feedback from the players stopped on the more simple but still Indian lettering. This is the final version of the first edition box.