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Game board evolution

I like game boards. Even if there is no need for them. They help to organize cards and other components of the game and mostly look very nice) In Meenakshi Temple board game all players construct their own towers and use their own player boards. But the heart of gameplay is Action selection sheet, where players move their meeples to choose different Actions. That is why we decided to add a game board and to put all cards markets and tokens markets on it.
This is what the prototype version looked like.
We wanted to make the game board not only functional but also colorful. The first idea was to take an original plan of the real Meenakshi Temple and adapt it for the slab cards market, blessing tokens zone, and so on. But we failed to find the best solution.
So we started from the functional side of the game board. Firstly we marked all needed zones that will be helpful for players to interact with and then we tried to illustrate every zone inspired by different photos of life in India. How Indians construct buildings, celebrate their Deities, and so on.
After several iterations of playtesting, we achieved a good balance between usability and beauty.
This is the final game board in the game. What do you think about it? Please share your thoughts in the comments.